Reviews from Schools

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your author visit held at Webb Elementary School on Wednesday, June 12. Your energy, your passion, and the way you connected with every single grade level is something I rarely see as a language arts consultant. I especially appreciate the time and effort you put into adjusting each presentation to appeal to your audience. The Pre-k, Kindergarten and 1st grade presentations were so appropriate for our little ones and they were really touched by your message. Then our 2-3, 4-6 students were treated to an "older" message that really touched home with them. All the kids and teachers raved about your enthusisam and true connection to not only your books' messages, but to the kids themselves! The kids kept asking me where you were for days afterwards! You are a rock star. THANK YOU for a perfect end to a crazy busy year. 

-Tara Jones 

Language Arts Consultant 

Reviews from Parents


Dear Becky,

You are one of those special individuals that is really meant for teaching - it is a “calling”.  We are so honored that K had the privilege of being your student.  Thank you for an inspiring and joyous year full of learning, growth, and self-exploration.  You are a fabulous role model for your students.  My child is a better person because you touch her life...


Ms. Cummings,

You are officially C’s favorite teacher.  If she could manage to stay in 4th grade believe me she would.  She thrived in your class and loved meeting all of your challenges.  The fact that she ran for governor showed me how much confidence she gained in not only her academic world, but also her social.  You are a great teacher and I feel so fortunate that C had you...


Ms. Cummings,

M had such an awesome year in 4th grade.  You truly are a great teacher.  As parents I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you pushing the students to reach their fullest potential.  It will only benefit them in the long run.  Your kind and gentle ways were a perfect match for M as well as your firmness and openness to student’s mistakes is just what M needed.  M has excelled both academically and socially in your class.  I can’t believe how fast she is growing up.  There is no doubt that you will be one of those teachers that M remembers for a lifetime.  You had such a positive impact on her life.  Thank you for all your efforts and dedication you devote to your classroom.  



I want to thank you for an outstanding year.  K has learned so much and had a lot of fun as well.  You have inspired her in so many ways.  You have a gift for teaching and we are grateful that K got to spend this year with you.  Although I am sad for K to leave your wonderful classroom, I know she is fully prepared for the year ahead.  You are the kind of teacher student never forget because of your special ways.  Have a great summer and thank you for everything...



Reviews from Kids


Dear Ms. Cummings,

This year has been absolutely phenomenal.  By far you have been the most supportive and inspiring teacher I have ever had.  Fourth grade was a year of improvement in academics for me - big time.  Thanks again for a wonderful year.  Next year I will miss you so much.  I will never forget what a great time I had.  K


Dear Ms. Cummings,

Mrs. B my sixth-grade teacher told us to write to someone who we are thankful for, so I chose you.  I am thankful for you because you were my favorite teacher I have had.  You taught me how to do long division and I thank you for that.   Without you teaching my division I would have never made math Olympiad.  You also taught me that learning can be fun.  I say that because you taught us with these fun activities.  We used to enjoy school because we had things like star student and homework passes.  You really made a huge impact in my life.  That is why I chose to write to you because I am really thankful for you. A


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